Alpine Repair and Service Centre Costs

Base Costs:

CD Head Unit: £49.00 +VAT*
Multimedia Head Unit: £79.00 +VAT*

Our Guarantee:

The repair is guaranteed for 90 days from the completion date. This guarantee only covers the original reported faults, all other fault conditions will be treated as a new failure and charged accordingly. The guarantee DOES NOT cover damage however caused.

Additional Costs:

*Whist we do our very best to keep additional charges to an absolute minimum, there may be additions to the base costs if...

If the unit is subject to additional costs you will be notified prior to work taking place.

Declined Estimates:

Should you decline an estimate, there will be a charge of £31.50 +VAT to cover the inspection and return of the unit.

Further Information:

For further information please contact us by phone on 01908 326180 or by email using and we will do our best to advise you.