Alpine Repair and Service Timescales

From you to us 2 to 3 working days*
Repair work Typically 2 to 3 working days
From us to you 1 working day

*dependant on which courier you use

Getting the job done

Here at the Alpine repair and service centre we realise that getting your unit fixed and back to you promptly is very important. As such we endeavour to repair and service all units (including updating them with all the latest improvements) within 5 days of receiving them. Obviously there will be exceptional circumstances where this isn't possible (depending on the work involved) but by keeping Alpines extensive parts stock on hand and using staff with skills and experience in repairing and servicing the entire product range, we pride ourselves in keeping delays to an absolute minimum.

Keeping you up to date

During the repair process we think its important to keep all our customers informed about the status of their repair/service, that way you know your unit has been received safely and is being dealt with. This means at various stages during the repair you will receive email and text messages (if you have supplied us with your mobile number) detailing the current status of your unit. If you do not wish to receive these please contact us at any time on 01908 326180 or by email using